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Choosing the Right Realtor

06/13/2014 in Realtor

A REALTOR is a member of the National Association of Realtors which adheres to a strict Code of Ethics, Training, and Education. If you are selling or buying a home, remember to ask if your agent is a Realtor, and a member of the Hilton Head Area Association. The Hilton Head Area Association engages in state and national issues and actively participates in local issues. Experience matters, especially when it comes to your real estate goals.

If you are Selling, you need to make sure that a Realtor is doing more for you than just listing your property in Multiple Listing Service. It is important that you have an agent that works for you and markets your property through all the “cutting edge” mediums available today. Discuss photography, websites, print marketing, technology marketing, and direct mail when interviewing a Realtor. Another item to discuss is “follow up”. It is very important that you receive feedback when your house is shown. Feedback can allow a Seller to know if they are priced correctly, does your house show well or does it need to be staged, or is there another property in the neighborhood priced better, etc., A Seller also needs to be updated with what is going on in their neighborhood when their house is on the market. If other properties are coming on the market or selling in your area, you need to know.

If you are Buying, it is extremely important that you choose a Realtor that will work hard for you, be patient, and educate you about the island and the Hilton Head Island Communities. There are several steps involved in purchasing a home:

1)It is important a Realtor listens to what you want in a property

2)Recommends a lender and attorney

2)Negotiates on your behalf

3)Guides you through every step of the transaction from writing a contract protecting your interests, negotiating, and assisting you with the inspection/CL100 to make sure all inspection issues per the contract are repaired.

4)Follow up with you and your lender leading to a successful closing
Realtors are needed by both Sellers and Buyers so that we can advise, represent, educate, and present the true climate and conditions in today’s market.